After about a week of thinking, talking and planning we have finally come to the decision about our first game. We are plaesed to announce that our first game will be a funny, satirical, political infinite runner called Maybot Run.

The game will take a tongue in cheek look at the political situation in the UK. You’ll play as Maybot, a robot that landed in the UK in 2016 and took over as an unelected dictator. You have to run, jump, slide, and shoot your way through hordes of angry ordinary working people to create a strong and stable dystopia. Battle bosses taking down the coalition of chaos ‘Morality & Hope’.¬† Bribe your way to unleash policies. Collect as much tax as possible. Get votes to spend on upgrades and new characters. Grab as much wheat as you can in the wheat fields to increase your naughtiness and unleash your true robot form, ‘The Dream Crusher’.

In the game Maybot will travel through a number of levels from the ‘Naughty Wheat-Fields’, to the ‘Hopeful City’ and finally to ‘Maytopia’. As you progress and your elitist policies are enforced the world around you will become harsher. Ordinary working people will try to bring you down. Foxes will hunt you. Public sector workers will use all at their disposal to stop you in your path to the ultimate dystopia. Maybot and her gang of cronies will need lightning fast reactions and a hunger for upgrades to get to Maytopia and run the country into the ground once and for all.

Are You Games Press, a Youtuber, or a Blogger

We’d love to hear what you think about Maybot Run and we really appreciate any help you can give us telling the world about our game. If you would like to review the game, make a let’s play video, live steam the game, make a game guide, write an article, or blog about the hilarious antics of Maybot and her cronies you can request a press copy here and find out more information at the Maybot Run press kit.

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