Maybot Run is coming along well, loads of progress made and the game is feeling really good to play.

We’ve enrolled Bare Knuckle Development to program the game and Electric Fan Death to do the sound and music. Most of the features we mentioned in the announcement post are now working.  We’ve added a pretty complex scoring system that takes into account, days survived, tax and wheat collected, policies passed, expenses claimed, and a few other things. This should allow for some interesting leader-board competition. The game is already feeling good to play with some really funny moments. We’ve added 2 difficulty settings, Soft-Brexit (normal) and Hard-Brexit (hard). The quit button has been replaced with ‘The Red Button’ and in game there is a constant news feed that changes with in-game events. Have a look at a few early screenshots:

Maybot grabs the tax in this Maybot Run screenshot. 

Sliding under a tractor is fun in this Maybot screenshot. 

Trump helps Maybot bigly with his small hands in this Maybot screenshot. 

We still have a lot to do. Sound needs putting in, bosses need building, particle effects need adding, and everything needs polishing but we are definitely making good progress. We’ve also decided to publish the game on Steam and for PC, and Google Play for Android. We haven’t set a date yet but as soon as we do we’ll be sure to post it here.

Are You Games Press, a Youtuber, or a Blogger

We’d love to hear what you think about Maybot Run and we really appreciate any help you can give us telling the world about our game. If you would like to review the game, make a let’s play video, live steam the game, make a game guide, write an article, or blog about the hilarious antics of Maybot and her cronies you can request a press copy here and find out more information at the Maybot Run press kit.

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