The Maybot Run beta gameplay trailer is finally ready for viewing and live on the Bloodline Games Youtube channel.

The game is coming along really well. Have a gander at the trailer and see what you think.

Maybot Run Beta Trailer (gameplay)

The release date is set for October, although the exact day is not known yet. We’ve made loads of progress since the last update. Almost everything is now in place and the game is hilarious at times.

Watch the video to see some of the unlockable characters, upgrades, and absolute ridiculousness.

The trailer features a modified version of the game’s theme tune written and composed by Electric Fan Death. The track itself is really funny and fits with the manic feel of the game screaming “RUN!” in a nutty high-pitched voice. The trailer gives a sneak peak at a few of the extra characters. Revealing a reanimated Thatcher’s corpse driving a dragster coffin and a pig-Cameron hybrid known as ‘Dodgy-Davebot’. In the trailer video you can see some of the characters’ ultimate forms. Maybot becomes her true robotic form ‘The Dream Crusher’. Majorbot jumps on a chopper and blasts away with a shotgun a la Arnie in Terminator 2.

If you look closely in some of the backgrounds behind the unemployed teachers, and beggar apprentices you can see crumbling London landmarks as Maybot gets closer to her dystopia. A few special moves are shown with Trump helping Maybot out of a hole with his small hands. The newspaper ‘Daily Pain’ is used as a right wing media shield protecting Maybot from the onslaught.

Have a look at a few screenshots to see our progress:

Mayjorbot in his ultimate for, riding a chopper and blasting a sawnoff

Dodgy-Davebot: half pig, half man, dodging the cuts to the NHS

Trump helping Maybot out of a hole – Covfefe

Well we’ve better get back to the game it won’t make itself, not long until you can have a play on it too.

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