What is Bloodline Games?

Bloodline Games is a very small team from the UK. We make games about topics that interest and enrage us. So we might cover things like gory medieval madness  or class divide in our country. We’ve been gaming and playing and coding since the Amstrad CPC era. We hope to one day rule the world (only joking)…or at least make a world that people want to escape to for a bit, even if it is virtual. Whatever genre of game we choose to tackle we’ll always try to go that extra step to give you a fun and engaging gaming experience. Overall we make games that we think are interesting, funny, maybe even thought provoking and we hope you will love to play them.

 Our First Game: Maybot Run

We are pleased to announce our very first game on both PC and mobile, Maybot Run. The game took around 3 months to develop and is a really funny infinite runner that takes a satirical look at British politics.

We wanted to make a game that mocks the political situation in the UK and give players a fun and full gaming experience. After some thought we decided to make an infinite runner with Maybot as the main character. The game has loads of depth with jump, slide, and shoot mechanics. There’s a naughty meter that allows you to change into a powerful robot form when full. We included loads of achievements, upgrades, special characters with perks, and unlockable cheats & artwork to compel the player to come back for more. We also added leader-boards so players can compete for high scores. The upgrades and character perks will give players an advantage in achieving a better score. For more information visit the game page or check out the Maybot Run press-kit.

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