The Main menu Screen:

There are 2 difficulty settings in Maybot Run:

‘Soft Brexit’ = normal

‘Hard Brexit’ = hard

To quit and exit the game press ‘The Red Button’

The ‘Upgrade Shop’ allows you to spend votes on upgrades, new characters, consumables, and artwork. As well as view your progress.

The purple arrow buttons allow you to cycle through the available characters.

There is also a green leader-boards button, a yellow achievements button, and a blue settings button.


Mobile Controls:

On the mobile version the tap the left side of the screen to jump, the right side to slide and the centre to shoot (when the naughtiness meter is full).

PC Controls:

The PC version of Maybot Run allows play with most joypads/controllers as well as on keyboard or mouse. The game was built to be played with the Sony PlayStation 4 DualShock 4 controller and the Xbox One controller.

PlayStation 4 DualShock 4 controls

Xbox One controller controls:

Mouse Controls:

Keyboard Controls:


The Hud:

  1. Stone Hearts: These are Maybots life-force, with every hit she loses 1 stone heart. She can have a maximum of 5 and she starts with 1 on hard Brexit and 3 on soft Brexit. She can collect more in-game and pay for them with tax, she can also use votes to unlock 2 more starting stone hearts in the ‘Upgrade Shop’.
  2. Naughty Meter: As Maybot collects wheat her naughty meter fills up. When full she can turn into her ‘ultimate robotic form’, ‘The Dream Crusher’ and shoot at enemies and bosses. The naughty meter drains when in the ultimate form so use it wisely.
  3. Tax Collected: This shows the amount of tax Maybot has collected in the current play-through. If she gets hit by an enemy she will lose all her tax as well as 1 stone heart. maybot can use tax to pay for policies, buy temporary upgrades, activate certain perks, and gain more score for the leader-boards.
  4. Votes Collected: Displays the total number of unspent votes Maybot has from all play-throughs. These votes can be spent in the ‘Upgrade Shop’ for permanent upgrades, new characters, temporary boosts, and unlockable artwork.
  5. Weapon Level: The level of Maybot’s ultimate form’s weapons. It can be 1, 2 or 3 each number corresponding to the number of projectiles that fire when shoot is pressed. This can be temporarily upgrades in-game by spending tax at the end of each day or permanently upgraded by spending votes in the ‘Upgrades Shop’.
  6. Boss Progress Meter: The meter fills with blue as Maybot runs and time progresses. when it is full she has survived for 7 days in power and must face a boss (level 1 & 2 only as level 3 is infinite).
  7. Information Panel: Shows messages telling you about what is happening in-game. Things like what Maybot has just collected, whether Maybot can or can’t afford to buy temporary upgrades, and how many days have passed will be displayed here. Positive messages are displayed in green and negative messages in red.
  8. Active Perks: A number of monchrome icons can appear at the top left of the screen to indicate what perks are currently active. Examples of perks are: Iron lady (invincibility), Covfefe (helps Maybot out of holes), and Tax rate x2 (double tax rate). Some of these perks can only be found in game others can be both found in game and bought from the ‘Upgrade Shop’. There are also negative perks such as Speed Boost.


The Upgrade Shop:

Use votes collected in-game to unlock upgrades, new characters (each with a special perk), and artwork. You can also use votes to buy temporary boosts in the form of consumables. Your current amount of unspent votes is displayed in the top right corner in blue. The image above shows the PC version of the ‘Upgrade Shop’.

The mobile version is slightly different: The Artwork and Progress sections are missing and located on the settings screen. They are replaced here with a button to watch adverts for 100 votes per advert and 4 buttons allowing you to purchase various amounts of votes.

The Settings Panel:

PC Settings Panel:

Here you can change the graphics settings, view the controls, activate & deactivate unlocked cheats, and change the volume of the music, SFX, and master.

Mobile Settings Panel:

Here you can view the controls, use votes to unlock artwork, view your progress, activate & deactivate unlocked cheats, and change the volume of the music, SFX, and master.


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