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Maybot Run Pocket is Out Now on Android (Google Play).

Control the ‘Maybot’

Play as the Maybot. Run, jump, slide, and shoot your way to a strong & stable elitist dystopia. Laugh your head off at all the political ridiculousness. Upgrade yourself to reveal your true potential. Unlock characters and resurrect ghosts from the UK’s political past. Collect tax, pay bribes to pass policies, claim ludicrous expenses, and run a country into the ground once and for all. You are the Maybot, RUN!

Maybot Run and Maybot Run Pocket Gameplay Trailer

Maybot Run Pocket’s Story

In 2016 the Maybot landed in the UK and quickly took power as an unelected dictator. Help her run, jump, slide, and shoot her way to a stronger, and more stable leadership. Wreak havoc on the poor, help the elite, and be as naughty as possible in those wheat fields. With your help Maybot can defeat the coalition of chaos; morality and hope, bringing back the wealth to the elite few and condemning the many to ordinary working poverty. There are girl’s jobs and boy’s jobs but this is definitely a bot’s job.

First Impressions of Maybot Run the PC bigger brother of maybot Run Pocket by Astrid Johnson from Indie Haven

A Hilarious Infinite Runner with a Difference

Maybot Run Pocket is an infinite runner with a difference. You play as a caricature of  our (the UK’s) current Prime Minister Theresa May, and your aim is to collect as much, tax, wheat, and votes as you can whilst running your way to dystopia. Tax lets you pay bribes for policies and get higher scores, wheat increases your naughtiness, which when maxed-out allows you to become your true form and blast champagne bottles at ordinary working people. Votes allow you to buy upgrades, new characters, and artwork helping you gain higher scores and cause more destruction. Meanwhile you’re dodging constituents, jumping angry mobs, and sliding under frack bombs.

Screenshot of The Maybot taking on the first boss – Ethics Bot 

Maybot Run Pocket gains a lot of its art style from Viz Comics, Spitting Image, and Monkey Dust and is influenced by political satire. Maybot Run mocks The Conservative Party and their Dickensian polices while providing the gamer with fun and interesting gameplay.

You’ve got to Laugh

We’re living in very strange times and the UK is in dire shape. The gap between the rich and the poor is getting wider. The mainstream media groups ignore this and report complete nonsense in favour of the super-rich. It’s got to the point where the news is like a sitcom docu-soap. Poverty, homelessness, privatisation of the NHS, political scandals and cuts, cuts, cuts, Maybot Run is our own little protest. As we move ever closer to the chilling abyss of Brexit, Maybot Run Pocket reflects on the comical fallout of UK politics over the last year or so…

Maybot Run Pocket is out now on Android (Google Play) and its bigger brother Maybot Run is out now on Windows PC, Linux PC, & Mac (Steam & Itch.io). The game has had loads of good feedback and some really funny videos.

Words of Wisdom from Reviewers, Youtubers & Press

Here are a few of our favourite press and YouTuber quotes:

“In Maybot the gamer helps the Prime Minister shoot, run, and slide her way to dystopia.” – Ellie Price – BBC One Sunday Politics

On its surface it’s political commentary is blatant and hilariously so, but there’s a surprising amount of depth to its cuts.” – Astrid Johnson – Indie Haven

The gameplay is extremely original for an endless runner. The soundtrack is pretty righteous as well.”  – Dayton Does Gaming

A tongue in check game that you can get a good laugh at” – Rip Cassidy

The funniest game I’ve played since Plug and Play” – Mooshi Gamer

Maybot Run has an awesome soundtrack” – Tesla ゴジラ Gaming

Oh no, all my tax money’s gone down the drain” – KevGuuey


Loads of political characters from Maybot Run

Check out the Maybot Run Pocket press-kit for more information and the Maybot Run manual to become more familiar with the game and its controls.

Are You Games Press, a Youtuber, or a Blogger

We’d love to hear what you think about Maybot Run Pocket and we really appreciate any help you can give us telling the world about our game. If you would like to review the game, make a let’s play video, live steam the game, make a game guide, write an article, or blog about the hilarious antics of Maybot and her cronies you can request a press copy here and find out more information at the Maybot Run Pocket press kit.

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