The Maybot Run beta has been going on for nearly 2 weeks now on both Google Play (Android) and Steam (PC). With the release date of 19th October 2017 fast approaching what has changed and what have we learnt?

We’ve had a great response from the Maybot Run beta testers, loads of people have played the various versions of Maybot Run and given us some really useful feedback and suggestions. Initially the game went out on Steam with quite a few bugs that were not noticeable on our systems. Firstly Tesla ゴジラ Gaming did a Twitch/Mixer stream where we watched. After an amazing run through the first level and defeating the first boss, Ethics-bot, he fell through the floor at the start of the second level.

Maybot in her ‘ultimate form’ takes on the first boss, Ethics-bot

We got straight on to Ste from Bare Knuckle Development and he quickly sorted the problem. Batprince then made a Youtube video that showed us pretty much the whole game in slow-mo. The game slows down during tutorial sections and for comedic effect in certain buildings. For Batprince, however, it never sped up again. We were amazed to see him persist with the game in this state and his video was ridiculously funny. After a few hours we fixed the issue only to be told by beta testers on the Steam Community Hub that our Steam leader-boards weren’t working. We were quickly on it, but trying to recreate the issue proved impossible on our systems. Over a few days we completely rebuilt our Steam leader-board systems constantly asking the beta testers for feedback and eventually a fix that worked for everyone was released.

Steam leader-boards are working in Maybot Run

No More Bugs

Once all the bugs were fixed we started to try to implement ideas that players wanted. Some players complained that the loading screens did not give them enough time to read the quotes. Others said that the loading screens took too long for a 2d game. To try and make everyone happy we added a ‘press to continue’ button on the loading screen. It appears once loading has finished (usually takes about 1 second). Players either press a button to start the game or finish reading the quote first. We added a ‘restart level’ button to the game over screen after a lot of requests for it.

Funny run through of level 1 in the beta version by Mooshi Gamer

Maybot’s Prettier than Ever

During the beta we also added loads of new content. We improved the visuals and created some new baddies. The frack bombs were scaled up and the words removed after reports that the words on them were not readable and looked blurry as the game moved. The hilarious Brown Brexit baddy was added to level 1, the ripsaw baddy was added to level 2, and the fast homeless missile baddy was added to level 3. Rooney created loads of new and interesting backgrounds. From a ‘posh’ restaurant called ‘La Snob’, to a car park showing the pay-gap, to a pleb fighting arena where commoners fight for food. Even the sky was changed to show the sun stripes in the Maybot Run logo. Maybot Run is now looking and playing better than ever and almost ready for its release on 19th October.

The new ‘Brown Brexit’ baddy added during the Maybot Run beta, watch out for the poo

Here are a few of our favourite quotes from our Maybot Run beta testers and Youtubers:

The funniest game I’ve played since Plug and Play” – Mooshi Gamer

Maybot Run has an awesome soundtrack” – Tesla ゴジラ Gaming

Its refreshing to see and infinite runner with a bit of depth” – usaryan (Steam Player)

Maybot Run – The political run simulator” – Mooshi Gamer

A Great Big Thank You 🙂

A massive shout out to all the Maybot Run beta testers and Youtubers who have helped us especially Tesla ゴジラ Gaming, Batprince, Mooshi Gamerʇuǝɔᴉɟᴉuƃnɥʇ, Cae, & Pavel18 for their amazing patience, feedback, and support, the game would not have been as good without you.


Are You Games Press, a Youtuber, or a Blogger?

We’d love to hear what you think about Maybot Run. We really appreciate any help you can give us telling the world about our game. If you would like to review the game, make a let’s play video, live steam the game, make a game guide, write an article, or blog about the hilarious antics of Maybot and her cronies you can request a press copy here and find out more information at the Maybot Run press kit.

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