19th October 2017 is May Day

We have a release date for Maybot Run, our ridiculously funny infinite runner with a serious message. It’s Thursday 19th October 2017 so mark it in your diaries. The Steam, Itch.io, and Google Play versions will all launch at the same time. The beta has been going really well. Testers have uncovered numerous bugs which we’ve fixed. They’ve also come up with some great ideas for extra content or further developments of our ideas. One such suggestion was to put in Lee Nelson’s arm waving a P45 as a baddy. We’ve put this in the game now and it’s absolutely hilarious.

Lee Nelson Hands Maybot her P45 in Maybot Run

Our First First Impressions Video

Maybot Run got its first Youtube first impressions video by a Youtuber called Tesla ゴジラ Gaming. It’s of a very early beta version of the game but it has some really funny moments and gives you a listen to Electric Fan Death’s amazingly catchy sound track.

Tesla ゴジラ Gaming’s First Impressions video of an early beta version of Maybot Run

Maybot Run’s Serious Message

Maybot run is a very funny game and has a lot of depth for an infinite runner. It also has a serious political message. The game shows an exaggeration of the future for the UK under Tory rule. In Maybot Run Maybot runs her way to dystopia, where the rich have everything and the poor have nothing. She taxes the people and reduces tax for businesses. She brings fox hunting back. She asset strips the NHS and does nothing to improve working conditions for doctors and nurses. She increases student debt and forces graduates to start working life with more than double the average household debt. She continues to segregate children via the archaic education system. She further reduces the number of police officers. She destroys the UK economy even more and plummets the pound further into free-fall via her bonkers Brexit uncertainty. And oh yeah, she turns people into zombies, that’s the exaggeration or is it…

Maybot loves pressing ‘The Red Button’ – it quits the game

The game is calling for people to stand-up and be counted. For people not to sit back and let their country be destroyed by an elitist, corrupt government. There is a real alternative in Labour and Jeremy Corbyn. An ethical, moral man who wants to try and solve the problems in UK society. He wants to tackle issues in a way that favours people and not companies. He and the the Labour Party are for the many and not the elite few. So, while the satire in Maybot Run is hilarious, it is all there to shed light on the true damage the Tories are doing to the UK.

From Beta to Release

If you have a beta copy of Maybot Run thanks for all the feedback and I hope you continue playing the game, unlocking characters, upgrading Maybot, and setting higher and higher scores. For those who are not beta testers the game will be even more ridiculous, hilarious, and polished by its release date of 19th October 2017.  You can grab your copy on Steam, Itch.io, or Google Play and help Maybot run a country into dystopia.

Are You Games Press, a Youtuber, or a Blogger

We’d love to hear what you think about Maybot Run and we really appreciate any help you can give us telling the world about our game. If you would like to review the game, make a let’s play video, live steam the game, make a game guide, write an article, or blog about the hilarious antics of Maybot and her cronies you can request a press copy here and find out more information at the Maybot Run press kit.

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